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Press Releases


GesySense: Fits without wire

Continuous measurement with compact, battery-powered wireless sensors ensures reliability.

At Chillventa 2014 Gesytec will present the GesySense wireless sensor system for simple and uninterrupted temperature monitoring with... [more]


Uninterrupted temperature monitoring in refrigerated delivery vehicles made easy

Wireless temperature measurement offers reliability and saves energy.

Monitoring the temperature in delivery vehicles used for direct sales of frozen food has often been complex and had great potential for errors. Recording the... [more]


Parallel LON Access for Embedded Devices - Small and Effective

Easylon Socket Interfaces as VNI

Aachen, July 14, 2014 – Parallel access of applications to LonWorks networks - that’s the special feature of the Easylon Interfaces+, which allow PCs to access this control network that is widely... [more]


Complete documentation of the cold chain made easy

Radio-based temperature monitoring with compact, battery-operated sensors fits in where cables don’t.

Aachen, April 29, 2014     Gesytec presents the GesySense® system for complete temperature monitoring of... [more]


When the car wash sends you an e-mail …

A future-proof solution for networking at gas stations

Gesytec presents its IP networking systems for connecting technical installations at gas stations to each other and to the Internet at Uniti Expo 2014, thus preparing the... [more]

10.10.2013 Delta 2000 - now with LON Interface
24.04.2013 Easylon IFSF Router - Networking LON and IP at Service Stations
14.03.2013 Easylon Mini PCI Express Interface
14.03.2013 Easylon Router+ for LON/IP
06.03.2013 Easylon USB Interface+
23.01.2013 Easylon Socket Interfaces Upgraded
12.12.2012 Delta 2000 - Versatile Hardware Platform for OEM Solutions
10.06.2012 GesySense in Frozen Food Delivery
12.04.2012 Ethernet Access to Wireless Data Acquisition
15.09.2011 Delta 1000 GesySense
01.08.2011 New Variant of LON/IP Router+
04.06.2011 Product Range of Wireless Sensors Expanded
10.03.2011 Guaranteed Freshness always in Hand
05.01.2011 Easylon Router+ – Connection to IP and LON Networks
09.09.2010 Chilled Food Easily and Reliably Monitored
07.07.2010 Transparency throughout the Cold Chain
15.04.2010 Wireless Temperature Logger
15.03.2010 First LON Interface for PCI Express Worldwide
13.01.2010 Linux Kernel 2.6.31 Drivers for LonTalk Adapters
03.11.2009 Windows 7 Drivers for LON Interfaces
01.10.2009 Wireless Temperature Logging
01.09.2009 Reducing Costs and Acting Sustainably
01.08.2009 GesySense – The Wireless Sensor System by Gesytec
25.02.2009 Smart Metering with Gipsy Embedded PCs
13.01.2009 Data collection in the service of Art
05.01.2009 Change of company name
15.09.2008 Enhanced efficiency with GipsySync
15.09.2008 One System for all Consumption Data
21.08.2008 Make a Quick Start with Gipsy M-Bus
19.07.2008 Always Actual Data with GipsySync
15.04.2008 Graphical Programming of Easylon I/O 1212D
31.03.2008 Router for LON and IP Networks from Gesytec
18.03.2008 Installation Data Visualisation from Gesytec
15.03.2008 Gesytec M-Bus LON Gateway – Connecting M-Bus and LON
01.03.2008 LonMark Sessions continued in 2008
22.02.2008 Gesytec at light+building 2008 - Easylon and M-Bus LON Gateway
02.08.2007 M-Bus LON Gateway
08.05.2007 Router in IP and TP/FT Networks
03.05.2007 Vista Drivers for LON Interfaces
24.04.2007 LonMark Sessions 2007
03.11.2006 M-Bus OPC Server
07.06.2006 Easylon IP Interface
01.06.2006 Gesytec at Western Chinese Economic Fair in Chengdu
22.05.2006 8 Channels to the Network - Easylon VNI Interface USB
09.03.2006 Efficient Troubleshooting within LonWorks
08.03.2006 Getting Rid of the Bottleneck - Easylon VNI Interfaces
13.09.2005 Burglar sends SMS!
30.08.2005 LON Serial Socket Interface
21.07.2005 Easylon® OPC Server passed Interoperability Test
12.05.2005 Gesytec is charter member of LonMark China
21.02.2005 Gipsy LP - Monitoring Remote Systems via SMS
21.02.2005 LON USB Socket Interface
31.10.2004 LON Module for Fire Shutters
01.07.2004 Easylon goes East - Gesytec Exhibiting at ISH China
21.06.2004 Gipsy MM-SMS - Monitoring By SMS
14.05.2004 Easylon I/O Box - LON below the floor
01.04.2004 New OPC Server for LNS
01.04.2004 Easylon VNI Interfaces
15.03.2004 Plant Monitoring with Ethernet - EIA 232 Connection
05.12.2003 DIMM-PC for industrial requirements
05.12.2003 LON Socket Interface
25.11.2003 Monitoring and Control by SMS
07.04.2003 Remote Access to LON
07.04.2003 Ethernet Access to LON
17.02.2003 Plug-In Connectivity and PC Performance
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