Easylon Router+

  • Router in CEA-709.1 compatible networks
  • CEA-852 router to IP networks
  • Channel routing
  • integrated Configuration Server
  • Remote network interface for VNI and MIP applications
  • usable as NTP server
  • Web server for setup and diagnosis
Easylon Router+ 3-Port, 2 x TP/FT, 1 x TP/IP


The Easylon Router+ connects CEA-709.1 compatible network segments, as well as TP/FT and IP networks, according to the CEA-852 standard. Furthermore the device can server as Configuratrion Server in CEA-852 networks.

Fitted with Ethernet interface and 2 FTT transceivers the module can be used in versatile manner: As router in TP/FT networks or as router to CEA-852 based IP networks. The latter allows implementation of fast backbone structures.

The device is also available as a 2-port variant with only one TP/FT interface.

Parameterization of the Easylon Router+ is easily done through its browser interface, by which diagnosis information can also be called from the device.

PC based applications, such as the Easylon OPC server or a network management tool, accessing the TCP/IP channel will need the Easylon IP Interface.

Network Interface for Remote Access

Installed at the LonWorks network and connected to as well as via Ethernet into the Internet the device can as well serve as a TCP/IP network interface. Using the Easylon RNI software, belonging to all Easylon interfaces, this is a cost effective and reliable solution for remote network access, compared to a special PC at the network.