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Easylon Interfaces

LonTalk and CEA-709.1 compatible adapters for PCs and other systems

Interface Features

General Information on Easylon interfaces for LonQWorks

Easylon PCIe Interface+

CEA-709.1 / LON compatible interface board for PCI Express connection to LonWorks networks

Easylon PCI Interface+

CEA-709.1 compatible PCI bus interface board for LonWorks networks

Easylon USB Interface+

LON USB interface module according to CEA-709.1

Easylon IP Interface+

CEA-852 compatible network interface enabling LON over IP

Easylon Remote Network Interface

TCP/IP access to remote LonWorks networks

Easylon PC/104 Interface

LonTalk adapter board for PC/104 systems;
connecting embedded systems to LON

Easylon Serial Socket Interface

Serial LonWorks interface as piggy back module,
the LON interface for embedded systems

Easylon USB Socket Interface

LonWorks USB interface as piggy back module; LON interface for embedded systems

Easylon Mini PCIe Interface

LonWorks USB interface in Mini PCIe socket formet;
for devices running Windows or Linux

Phased-out types

The following products aer only available on request or for existing customers.

Easylon PCI-Bus Interface

LonTalk adapter for PCI Bus PC

Easylon USB Interface

USB module for PC–LonWorks connection