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Easylon Software Download

Software and Drivers

The download area offers you the latest software for Easylon products.

Easylon drivers for Siemens Desigo

Special Driver for use of Easylon Interfaces+ with Siemens DESIGO™ Software

There are three software products bearing the DESIGO™ name that you can use with LonWorks tech-nology:


A special setup routine for the Easylon Interfaces+ drivers when using DESIGO software is available to make installation of a Gesytec LON card easier for users.

Further Information (.pdf 336 kB)

Information and driver setup (.zip 9,4MB)

Easylon Analyzer

Software for network analysis for usage with Easylon Interfaces+ or other VNI interfaces
V3.07, 19.9.2011

Documentation (pdf)


To download the demo-versions of Easylon Analyzer you have to register.

If you already registered earlier, you can directls proceed to the Members Area.


Easylon WLDV 32

32-bit LonWorks Device Driver-API. V4.04, December 2013

Have a look at the documentation (pdf)

Easylon Remote Network Interface

for Easylon Interfaces with Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / CE or Linux.
Clients running Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8.

More about Easylon RNI

Easylon Interface Tools

Easylon Interface Management Console

Manage and configure LonWorks interfaces directly and comfortably without the Windows device manager .

Software for comfortable management of LonWorks interfaces
independent of Windows device manager (16 MB)

EIMC Manual


EasyCheck is a software tool to check and configure Easylon Interfaces.

The software is included in the driver setup for the interfaces. Select an interface device and a current Windows operating system , to download the driver package .

Documentation is part of the EIMC Manual

Device Updates

Easylon Router+

A .guf file is the most convenient and absolutely recommended way, to update an Easylon Router+ to the latest software. These updates may comprise additional functions as well as bug fixes for application software and operating system.

The -guf file comprises updates for both models Router+ 2P and Router+ 3P

Latest edition:
Router+ with Cofiguration Server: January 16, 2013, 1.2 MB