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Easylon IFSF LON/IP Router


Installation Instruction
v1.0, 02-2012

220 KB

Quick-Start Guide

134 KB


A .guf file is the most convenient and absolutely recommended way, to update an Easylon Router+ to the latest software. These updates may comprise additional functions as well as bug fixes for application software and operating system.

The .guf file comprises updates for both models Router+ 2P and Router+ 3P.

In addition to the.guf file, an image update should be performed for the routers P.I3x1x6 and P.I43x1xx, which closes security holes in the SSL protocol of the web interface. The image update can only be performed with the GDMC. For the routers P.I2x1x4 HTTPS support with SSL is no longer provided.

Firmware for P.I30126
rel. date 01-18-2017
GDMC compatible

Firmware for P.I20124
rel. date 01-18-2017
GDMC compatible

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