40 years of Gesytec

Gesytec celebrates its 40th anniversary at the turn of the year 2017/18. At the time of its foundation Gesytec GmbH was still called Gesellschaft für Systemtechnik und Datenverarbeitung mbH ("Company for System Technology and Data Processing"). From the very beginning Gesytec has stood for the development and manufacture of hardware and software for the automation sector. In addition to the Easylon product line, GesySense was also added in the past decade. In the fast-paced nature of technology, Gesytec employees are proud to be a market-established company in the past as well as today thanks to market and customer proximity and technological renewal cycles.

At the end of 1977, when Gesytec was officially founded, it was necessary to choose the long company name which, from today’s point of view, seems anything but melodious. Today, electronic data processing is just called IT and almost everyone carries a small computer – in the form of a smartphone – with them at all times. In the beginning, computers had the dimensions of a refrigerator and needed their own operator and software developer as the prodigies of their generation, since technology had far less influence on everyday life than today. Today Gesytec supports students with project-related bachelor and master theses and exciting and practical student jobs at Gesytec. Recently, the first own 3D printer was bought, on which the students of hardware development print their self-developed models.

Gesytec has experienced more than just 40 years of company history, measured against the technological developments of the last 4 decades. Gesytec was founded out of the RWTH Aachen University as a system house for microprocessor technology. At the beginning Gesytec was still a member of the GEI Group, after that it belonged to the AEG and later Daimler-Benz Group, until it was fully owned by its founders and managing directors Dipl.-Ing. Winfried Heinz and Dipl. Math. Dieter Schunk.

Gesytec is now based in the industrial area of Pascalstrasse in Aachen. The colour of the building has changed from red to white. The products have gone with the change in technical trends. In addition to setbacks and successes, Gesytec excels in durability. 40 years of company existence mean 40 years of delivery reliability for customers at the same time. In the fast pace of the 21st century, innovative software companies are springing up from the ground just as quickly as they are disappearing back into it. Gesytec, on the other hand, can look back on a long and constant market existence and a large number of highly satisfied and well-known customers.


Gesytec in the course of time: