Burglar sends SMS!

Allotments have been popular over years – and they still are. No matter if a small fruit and vegetable or a leisure garden – the tenants eagerly care for their green oasis. Worse is the increasing number of burglaries and thefts in the arbors, thus making monitoring and fast alert indispensable. For anyone who wants more than a common alarm system, the Gipsy MM-SMS by the Aachen based Gesytec GmbH is the first choice. Monitoring of doors and windows, temperature measurement inside the arbor, alert per SMS and the feature to connect further devices are clear benefits for allotment tenants.

Being specialized in electronics and automation, Gesytec has developed the Gipsy MM-SMS for use in building automation and monitoring of spacious installations. After a burglary in the allotment of one our employees we discovered another field of application for the tiny device. The Gipsy has been successfully tested in his allotment. There are numerous fields of application within an arbor. Monitoring and silent alert via SMS however are the main issue. Doors or windows can be monitored using the Gipsy MM-SMS. As soon as somebody enters the arbor while the unit is activated a SMS is sent out. The tenant can determine the recipients himself; up to 8 numbers can be stored. One can probably not prevent each burglary by this silent alert, but neighbors and other gardeners can be informed at an early stage about possible burglars.
Other than common alarm systems the Gipsy can also monitor the temperature inside the arbor, thus allowing for alerts in case of fire or freezing conduits in wintertime.
In addition to these options, it is possible to connect further devices to the Gipsy and to control them. Heating, ventilation or an irrigation system can be easily switched on or off via SMS. Or the status of the individual devices can be queried. Thus the Gipsy MM-SMS can be expanded to an all-in-one building management system for an allotment.
After expiry of the pilot phase Gesytec intends to market the device including the required accessories at a reasonable price.

About Gesytec
Gesytec provides products and services for automation purposes with LonWorks and embedded PC. For automation tasks with LonWorks a complete range of products for remote communication, intelligent periphery connection and network infrastructure is available by Gesytec. Embedded PC connectivity solutions allow remote access from the internet to the field bus level.