Chilled Food Easily and Reliably Monitored

GesySense Thermo-Logger

Aachen, September 2010 – A system for temperature monitoring of chilled goods is facing three requirements: Reliability, straightforwardness and preferably some additional benefit for the user. GesySense®, the wireless sensor system by Gesytec, Aachen, meets them.

Battery operated wireless sensors continuously measure the temperature independent of the cooling device itself and reliably transmit the values to an archive. GesySense Thermo-Loggers are DIN EN 12830 certified. Operating radio frequencies are best suited for buildings and close rooms.

The literally “wireless” modules are easily installed and put to operation. Once activated, they’ll run for years. PC software allows structured organization of the sensor modules, manages data continuously received via radio or read out from the memories logger modules and enables data analysis.

And what about the benefit? There is more about GesySense than temperature acquisition: Alarms are triggered at limit value infringements, pulse sensors register consumption data and status sensors monitor device conditions or, e.g., door contacts. This means additional safety in operation. Furthermore, these data reveal capacities for optimized energy usage.
Whether retails shops or restaurants with just a few measuring spots or chain stores with dozens of refrigerators and data integration into the company data center, GesySense has got the fitting solution.