Complete documentation of the cold chain made easy

Radio-based temperature monitoring with compact, battery-operated sensors fits in where cables don’t.

Aachen, April 29, 2014     Gesytec presents the GesySense® system for complete temperature monitoring of chilled food at Uniti Expo 2014. The battery-operated sensors radio-transmit the measurements to a receiver making data available to other systems. The continuous measurement allows uninterrupted documentation of the storage temperature and can simultaneously be used to reduce the energy consumption of the chillers. The radio sensors are quick to install and run for over five years on a single battery.
The flat, battery-operated GesySense sensor modules transmit the current temperature reading from chest freezers, refrigerated shelves and chiller cabinets every 5 minutes. The GesySense receiver collects the data from all of the sensors and provides it to a data server, which also acts as a link to superordinate IT systems.
Be it in a gas station shop, a snack bar or a warehouse, the radio modules can be installed very quickly. They log the temperature that food is stored at and independently document uninterrupted maintenance of the cold chain. With the digital modules available with the system it is also possible to identify any incidents, even if it is something as simple as a door that is left open for too long.
As well as that, continuous temperature measurement using GesySense can also be used to cut the energy consumption of the cooling systems: Sticking as close as possible to the target temperature limits is ideal both from the point of view of environmentally friendly usage of energy as well as economical operation.
GesySense is notable for its ease of installation: Because the sensors are battery-powered and the data is transmitted by radio, no wires or cables are required. The compact GesySense radio temperature sensors are quick and easy to mount using their secure fasteners. Gesytec has demonstrated battery lifetimes of over 5 years in practice.
GesySense is particularly well-suited for use by companies that have multiple installation sites thanks to the easy installation of the entire system: The system can be pre-configured for structurally identical installation sites, meaning that the whole system, including the sensors, the data server and the integration into superordinate systems, can be installed and ready for use in next to no time.
GesySense radio sensors are also available with digital inputs. They monitor the status of entire systems or can be used as pulse counters to transmit consumption data by radio.