DIMM-PC for industrial requirements

Tiny, no fan, low power consumption, shock resistant, great performance – these are the features of the Gipsy DIMM-PC520+I by Aachen based GmbH. Further to the standard version a special version meets industrial requirements beyond the usual.

Gipsy Plug-In Embedded PCs, presented by Gesytec at the Embedded World 2004 in Nuremberg, allow to add PC specific features to devices, enable them to be networked and, to integrate extensive communication abilities. Either as DIMM-PC or in PC/104 format they provide PC intelligence and communication to the control level, concentrated on smallest space.

By its AMD ELAN SC 520 CPU and an Ethernet Controller (10/100 MBit) on board, the DIMM-PC 520+ implements PC functionality and network ability including up to four serial interfaces (two of which directly on board). Signals for additional interfaces (such as IDE) are located at the 144pole DIMM socket. The memory capacity allows offers up to 64 MB RAM and 64 MB DiskOnChip.

According to the increased requirements of embedded devices within the industrial field of applications the "I" version of the Gipsy DIMM-PC 520+ uses the industrial type of the AMD CPU and, due to further measures, allows a higher ambient temperature. The on board switch regulators lower the power consumption to less than 3 Watt. Who ever feels that the established fixing of the DIMM socket is not secure enough for the desired range of application will find additional screw connections on this board. Gesytec, an experienced OEM supplier, would be happy to fulfill your demands for additional protective coating or further requirements.

Windows CE is provided as operating system and numerous development tools and different applications are provided by Gesytec. The integrated BIOS also allows the use of other operating systems.

About Gesytec
Gesytec provides products and services for automation purposes with LonWorks and Embedded PC. A complete range of products is available by Gesytec for automation with LonWorks covering (remote) communication, intelligent periphery connection and network infrastructure. Embedded PC connectivity solutions ensure remote access from the Internet to field bus level.