Easylon and GesySense at UNITI Expo 2014

At the Uniti Expo 2014 Gesytec GmbH, Aachen presents solutions for two areas of applications: Easylon® interfaces for data communication in the gas station and the GesySense® wireless sensor system for monitoring chilled food at the shop.

For communication between dispenser, price pole, cash point and other technical facilities, the Easylon range of products offers the matching interface modules. Integrated into the respective electronics as socket interfaces, they allow IFSF LON compatible systems participating in the local networked data exchange. There are versions with serial, USB or Mini PCIe connectivity in various form factors.

IP-based solutions are increasingly being used for networking at the service station. For systems with mixed IFSF-LON and IFSF-IP systems Gesytec provides the matching router that connects both. When it comes tothe direct IFSF-IP connection of devices, special interfaces are possible.

Ice cream chest and refrigerated shelves are available in most service station shops. Documentation of the cold chain as well as optimization of energy use can be supported by automatic continuous temperature recording. This can be set up quickly and easily with modules of GesySense wireless sensor system. The battery-powered radio modules are especially suitable for low temperatures. From the wireless receiver the data is then available to other systems. Annoying writing by hand is eliminated. Assuming a suitable infrastructure, the temperature documentation and possibly other recorded consumption data can also be collected from distributed locations.

In addition to its reliability, GesySense is characterized by the easy installation. Especially if there are many identically structured systems the essentials task will be on turning and fixing to the measurement spot. GesySense operates with local data servers and controllers from different manufacturers.

The Gesytec booth at UNITI Expo 2014, Stuttgart, June 3 – 5,  is located at B51 in hall 4.