Easylon IFSF Router – Networking LON and IP at Service Stations

Easylon IFSF Router

The ISFS LON standard is used for integrated, vendor independent data communication in gas stations worldwide. Dispenser, price pole and check-out are as well networked by it, as car wash and other appliances of the building. IP communication has already found its way into building automation. This is as well possible at the forecourt; an IFSF IP standard has already been defined. The Easylon® IFSF LON-IP Router is now closing the gap between these communication worlds 

In cooperation with the Czech company Beta Control Ltd., Brno, Gesytec GmbH, Aachen, provides the missing link to connect existing LON based appliances to those using IP communication. 

In IFSF compliant systems the Easylon IFSF LON-IP Router connects an IFSF LON to an IFSF IP network. The Router complies as well with the IFSF specifications as with the relevant LonWorks standards.

Fitted with Ethernet interface and LON TP/FT connection the device easily enables communication between devices of both connected networks. A parameterization is not necessary, neither for the devices nor for the IFSF LON-IP Router itself.

Additionally the Easylon IFSF Router opens up new possibilities: Installed at the LonWorks network and connected to it as well as via Ethernet into the Internet the device can additionally serve as a TCP/IP network interface. Using the Easylon RNI software, belonging to all Easylon interfaces, this is a cost effective and reliable solution for remote network access, compared to a special PC on site.