Easylon IP Interface

Using the Ethernet cable instead of the usual twisted pair bus lines, using the PC’s Ethernet interface instead of the LonTalk adapter to communicate LonWorks control telegrams, that’s all. The Easylon IP Interface software realizes such solutions enabling LonWorks for IP communication and simultaneously adding the special capabilities of Easylon VNI.

At first glance the Easylon IP Interface isn† a "real" interface at all, at least not in usual perception. There is no hardware device with driver but just some software. The accompanying USB dongle just holds the node-id required for every authentic LON node. Thus, changing to another computer is easily done.

Easylon IP Interface operation is based on the EIA-852 standard, a LON equivalent communication protocol. This opens the IP channel to the distributed control network. All PC based applications accessing the LonWorks network by standard interfaces can use the IP interface and thus the IP network. Additional to local usage, e.g. communication backbones in large buildings, remote access using global IP connection is feasible, e.g. by internet.

Easylon VNI used in this solution adds further advantages: Simultaneous usage of the interface by up to 8 programs, increased performance compared to standard interfaces, mixed usage of LNS and MIP based programs and even of legacy 16-bit applications.

About Gesytec

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