Easylon® OPC Server passed Interoperability Test

Interoperability is a seal of approval for communication software. Several times a year many clients pass many tests to earn this award during the OPC Foundations Interoperability Workshop. Worldwide successful Easylon OPC Server for LON produced by Gesytec GmbH, Aachen earned it again after passing several hard tests in Florida. Without any problems Gesytec OPC Server M and L and the embedded OPC Server M come along with many so far untested clients. Furthermore the latest version of OPC Server L passed the compliancy test.

During “Interoperability Workshops" of the OPC foundation OPC Server manufacturers test how far their products are able to operate with each other. Under realistic conditions interoperability of servers and clients is checked in all aspects. Easylon OPC Servers also took part at the spring-workshop in Tampa, Florida. Without any problems Gesytec’s three LonWorks OPC Server – OPC Server M, OPC Server L and embedded OPC Server M – passed several tests and demonstrated their multi-purpose usability. Furthermore OPC Server L was officially certified, after compliance with OPC standard DA 2.05a was proven.

According to the different networks with and without LNS Gesytec offers two Easylon OPC Servers: L and M. OPC Server L uses the LNS server and enables access to LonWorks data as data points or monitor sets. Easylon OPC Server M is first class for all LonWorks networks not using LNS. A LNS data base is not required, because OPC Server M is able to capture unknown networks trouble-free. The third OPC Server offered by Gesytec enables Gipsy embedded PCs to provide data from applications.

The Success of Easylon OPC Servers is based on their professional orientation, their possibility to write values without clients and on their helpful diagnosis.

You can download a full functional demo version of Easylon OPC Server M and from www.gesytec.com.

About Gesytec
Gesytec provides products and services for automation with LonWorks and Embedded PC. For LonWorks based automation Gesytec offers a complete range of products for (remote) communication, intelligent periphery connection and network infrastructure. Embedded PC boards and Connectivity solutions allow for remote access from the Internet to field bus level.