Easylon Router+ for LON/IP

Easylon Router+ mit 2 Ports

Easy Handling and High Performance

One device, many options. After software upgrade, the Easylon® Router+ provides even more: Router between LON-FT networks and for LON-IP, Remote Network Interface for remote access to the LonWorks® network and an integrated configuration server for CEA-852, LON over IP networks.

IP structures have found their way everywhere into building automation. LonWorks being probably the most flexible building automation network does not stand back. The der Easylon Router+ is located at the interface between a conventional LON-FT network and IP backbone. It allows for connection of up to two TP/FT network segments to the IP channel. If less is required, the device is also available with just one LON-FT connection.

Within the LON-IP network the Easylon Router+ assumes more than just the role of the router. As configuration server it can resume the management of all LON-IP devices, reliable and powerful.

Due to its Web interface, the Easylon Router+ with configuration server is easy to handle and makes the situation within the LON-IP network transparent. Using a conventional web browser all settings can be realized or elaborate data communication statistics can be reviewed in order to enable a fast diagnosis. Further features are for instance the NTP server function, multicast addressing, extended learning mode for more efficient routing (also observing node information for routing) and the option to directly access other LON-IP devices. And, not to forget, the device is also provided with a switchable bus termination.

The access via Ethernet offers further application options. The Easylon Router+ can also be used as conventional network interface via TCP/IP, a function that turns it into a Remote Network Interface, providing the benefits of all Easylon Interfaces+, where up to 8 applications can use the interface simultaneously.

Anybody looking for an up-to-date network infrastructure device is served at best with the Easylon Router+.