Easylon Socket Interfaces Upgraded

Serial + USB Socket Interface

New Version of LonWorks Plug-In Interfaces

After a thorough makeover the Easylon® Socket Interfaces for LonWorks® are now available in a new version. More than just getting a brush up, switching over to the FT-X transceiver and Neuron 5000 generation gives these LonWorks interface boards a push in performance. Updated drivers for these boards, which are mainly used in OEM devices, additionally contribute to this.

Aachen, Germany based Gesytec GmbH is a leading provider of LonWorks interfaces. Among the broad variety of the Easylon interfaces there are small plug-in modules usable in OEM devices. Here, models with USB or for serial connection are available, which can be found in transportation systems as well as in controls or POS systems.

For both modules, the Easylon Serial Socket Interface and the Easylon USB Socket Interface drivers for Windows, including Windows 8, and Linux operating systems are provided. Both operate as LonTalk adapters in free topology networks. Compare to previous versions the latest releases offer a considerably increased throughput.

In addition to the FT-X version there is a variant of the USB Socket Interface with EIA-485 transceiver. Further to the usual MIP firmware used with both modules an alternative firmware is available for the Serial Socket Interface allowing to realize gateway applications on the device.

About Gesytec

For more than 30 years Aachen based Gesytec GmbH has been in the business of development and production of automation related hard- and software.
Gesytec provides products and services for automation with LONWORKS and for (remote) monitoring of devices and installations. For LONWORKS Gesytec offers a complete range of products for (remote) communication and network infrastructure. Connectivity solutions based on embedded and radio technologies enable remote capturing and control – from the internet up to field bus level. Products by Gesytec are distributed worldwide