Food inspection made easy

HACCP, personnel, restaurant and shop management are your daily, often strenuous tasks. Relieve yourself of the paperwork, optimize your work processes and increase your effectiveness with StationGuide. Automatic temperature control and HACCP reports with GesySense make the food controller your friend. Web.Cloud.Apps GmbH and Gesytec GmbH have realized a perfect cooperation for you. Use state-of-the-art IT to get more out of your filling station.

IP-based services such as surveillance cameras, services for your equipment, payment terminals and others now expect Internet access at locations that do not have Ethernet cabling. Powerline transmission suitable for industrial applications with HD-PLC components from Gesytec take Ethernet anywhere via the power line at low cost, without the need for expensive new cabling. Gesytec has been manufacturing interfaces for IFSF compatible equipment for over 20 years.