GesySense creates African climate in Aachen for Chameleon Neilo

The chameleon belongs to the iguanas and originates from Africa. Since the climatic conditions in its natural environment are different from those in the living room at home, keeping a chameleon in a manner appropriate to its species is time-consuming.

Chameleons are sensitive and cannot tolerate stress very well. Neilo, our GesySense chameleon, gets black spots in stressful situations. To protect Neilo from this, a homely environment is created for him.

In a 1x2x1 meter large terrarium Neilo lives with one of our employees. To feel like home in Aachen, the terrarium needs a summery indoor temperature and a humidity of 60 – 90 %. To achieve this high humidity and to make Neilo feel comfortable in his horizontal terrarium, a pump with a timer sprays water into the terrarium at regular intervals. In winter the heating was turned up a little bit for Neilo and now in May the temperatures are enough to make the african chamaleon feel like home in Aachen.

Besides the pump with timer Neilos Terrarium has a UV lamp, because chameleons need a lot of UV radiation, as well as the plants in the small enclosure. During the winter months Neilo was additionally equipped with a heat lamp and spotlights for the plants.

Thanks to the wireless sensor from GesySense, optimum living space can be guaranteed for Neilo. So that the temperature and the humidity in the terrarium do not fluctuate, everything had to be coordinated.

In winter, the heating switched on automatically at five o’clock in the morning, which caused the humidity to drop. To counteract this, the pump has been adjusted so that Neilo has a pleasantly high humidity even at rising temperatures.

The sensor continuously checks whether everything is set correctly. The values of temperature and humidity can be called up and evaluated online. It can clearly be seen that the temperature drops at night and rises constantly during the day until noon, i.e. until 2 p.m., and drops slightly again in the evening. The exact spraying times of the pump can be seen with the humidity, since the humidity is then highest. The graph also shows that the water pump needs to be refilled.

Thanks to GesySense, Neilo feels at home in his terrarium and should the temperature or humidity in his terrarium not correspond to Neilos taste, the GesySense sensor helps to notice and regulate this immediately.