GesySense in Frozen Food Delivery

Mobile Data Logging plus Control of Energy Use

Chilled or frozen food directly delivered right to the doorstep, that’s what consumers more and more prefer. They trust in reliable purveyors able to guarantee for freshness. To meet their expectations the purveyor has to take care of the cooling chain and be able to give proof of it. The wireless sensor system GesySense provides the appropriate solution and additional means to optimize cooling system operation.

Smaller delivery vehicles often use eutectic accumulator cooling operating without automatic control just by being powered on. These can be true energy guzzlers. For documentation of the cold chain and to control of the cooling process GesySense offers the following solution:

  • Continuous temperature recording during the delivery tour
  • Transfer of measured values at depot
  • Control and optimization of cooling process at depot

A battery operated wireless module records continuously temperatures and radio transfer the data to the IT center at the depot. As soon as the vehicle is connected to mains for cooling, the module receives its control parameters from the IT center via radio. Based on these a controlled cooling takes place at night and during weekends. Suitable parameter settings allow for optimized energy usage.

There isn’t much equipment needed:  The measuring and switching module for the vehicle, the wireless re-ceiver at the depot and integration with the existing IT infrastructure. That will implement an effective control and monitoring of the vehicle cooling and satisfy all requirements with respect to documentation of the cold chain. The consumer will appreciate it. <//font></><//><//u>

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