GesySense – Maintenance-free for Years

Wireless logging of humidity and temperature

The new combination sensor in the GesySense® wireless sensor system simultaneously logs temperature and humidity. The compact, battery operated sensor module is quick to install and runs reliably for years with a single battery and without requiring calibration.

In addition to the temperature, humidity is also critical to the storage of a wide variety of products. So logging both of these climatic parameters with a single device is logical. The new GesySense T-H Sensor does this using a flat module that can be mounted unobtrusively almost anywhere.

Mount the sensor and continuously record the current measurements by radio. That’s how easy it is to record climatic conditions with the GesySense wireless sensor system. With its optimized energy management concept and the instrumentation used, the wireless sensors can run for years without needing any maintenance.

No data or power supply cables means great flexibility and convenience. This allows you to measure in locations that you would rather not lay cables. Thanks to the radio frequency used, the GesySense sensors are ideally suited for use in buildings.

GesySense is more than just an environmental logger: With pulse sensors to transmit consumption figures, status sensors to monitor system alerts or door contacts, for example, it gives you peace of mind in system operations.

No matter whether you are logging data at just a few measuring points, or dealing with a large number of branches with dozens of measuring points and central integration of the data in the central IT system, GesySense has the right solution.