GesySense Returns to Germany

Procuro Inc. installs first PIMM system with GesySense in German refrigerated warehouse.

After many installations in US warehouses with the PIMM System from Procuro Inc., the GesySense wireless sensor system has now “returned” to Germany. The company from San Diego, CA, has put into operation its logistics monitoring system at the premises of a logistics company in Germany. GesySense is realizing the temperature measurement and providing these data to PIMM.

In this installation GesySense proves its strength as a system which is up to many challenges. Even with the best coverage every radio system has its limits. For example if several widely separated buildings have to be covered by the wireless temperature monitoring, as required in this installation. But GesySense has got the appropriate solution: Its networked receivers can bridge the distances without any problem. Thus, the operating company has now available the operational data from all refrigerated warehouses on the central PIMM server.

More detailed information can be found here.