Gesytec at Western Chinese Economic Fair in Chengdu

Due to its huge economic growth, China has is an attractive economic location for international enterprises. Now for the seventh time the West-Chinese Economic Fair has taken place place from 25th to 28th.5.2006 in Chengdu. Gesytec GmbH, located in Aachen, Germany, has presented its products in the German pavilion, which was established for the first time this year.

By the visit of the West-Chinese Economic Fair (WCM), which is also called the "gate to growth in China ", Gesytec continued its activities in the Chinese market. In 2004 already Gesytec arranged cooperation with Westlon Technology Co, resident in Chengdu, taking a first step into the Asian market. As Gesytec’s distributor in China, Westlon attended the WCM together with their German partner.

With the participation at WCM, Gesytec, the specialist for automation with LONWORKS and for tele-monitoring, took another opportunity to introduce its products in China. Key exhibits were be the worldwide used Easylon OPC Servers for LONWORKS and Gesytec’s Easylon Interfaces featuring remote network access. Easylon Interfaces are a standard for PC access to LONWORKS networks, used in thousands of applications ranging from building to industrial automation. Special versions for increased requirements are included in many OEM products. The latest development, the Easylon VNI Interfaces, has also been introduced at the trade show. Its increased performance with multiple network access will enable more powerful LONWORKS solutions. A versatile, programmable embedded LONWORKS PC, Gipsy 2000 LE is a solution for all kinds of remote data acquisition and monitoring. It includes a SQL database, OPC server, PLC like programming, Ethernet and telecommunication capabilities. Tele monitoring solutions complete the scope of products. The focus here was on cost effective and easy to implement remote monitoring and control devices using GSM communication.

Gesytec saw the WCM as a platform to showcase expertise in products and solutions in China and to find more distributors there.

About Gesytec

Gesytec provides products and services for automation with LonWorks and Embedded PC. For LonWorks based automation Gesytec offers a complete range of products for (remote) communication, intelligent periphery connection and network infrastructure. Embedded PC based connectivity solutions implement tele-services solutions  ranging from the Internet to field bus level.