Getting Rid of the Bottleneck – Easylon VNI Interfaces

Among the blind the one-eyed is king.

Thatt’s how one could describe the current situation concerning networks interfaces. One PC, one program and one interface board, two programs and two interfaces etc. – this was the situation so far. A new era is dawning with the Easylon VNI Interfaces: One PC, several programs, just one interface board – this is today’s state-of-the-art.

The Virtual Network Interface Technology (VNI) realizes this. The usage if one interface board with several logical drivers on the PC enable several programs to access the automation network in parallel. Thus the EIA 709.1 based Easylon VNI Interfaces allow for up to eight programs to use the network data for further processing or to realize control tasks on the PC.

A main feature of the LonWorks technology is cross-functional automation. In practice this resulted again and again in installations with several PC applications requiring access to the network and the conventional solution ranged from several interface boards with the PC to several PCs. Now the Easylon VNI Interfaces are straightening this up. They turn the control center into a real control center, connect the network and assign simultaneous access to several users. Thus additional analysis and maintenance operations can be realized within the network without disturbing the running operation.

No effort is required to switch. Conventional and Easylon VNI Interfaces can be used by the same program without modification while even “old" 16-Bit applications can be run in addition to modern LNS applications.

At the same time there is another advantage by switching to Easylon Interfaces: The remote network access. The Remote Network Interface (RNI) enabled Easylon Interfaces also allow for network access via TCP/IP connection. This is an interesting feature for all those involved in remote maintenance and servicing, or, just want to be permanently informed about certain states.

The next occasion to throw a glance at the interfaces will be at the light+building trade show in Frankfurt. From April 23 to 27 Gesytec GmbH will showcase this and other intelligent solutions related to the communication with the LonWorks network on booth E30 in hall 9.1. 

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