Graphical Programming of Easylon I/O 1212D

Stratosphere™, the graphical design software for EIA-709, / EN14908 LonWorks controllers is now usable with Easylon I/O 1212D devices. The runtime version of the design software by Calon Associates Ltd. has been adapted to the Easylon device.

Based on the industry standard 61131-3 block programming model, Stratosphere is implemented within the familiar environment of Microsoft Visio to allow integrators to quickly become productive.

System integrators often need to develop project specific control strategies for HVAC and room control applications. The solution is to use a graphical ‘block diagram’ programming tool like Stratosphere alongside programmable controllers such as the Easylon I/O nodes.

Unlike other programming solutions Stratosphere is available for use on different vendors’ controller platforms. Generated programs solely use the Neuron Chip and do not require an additional, cost increasing CPU. Thus the problem of a single-supplier lock-in is avoided and any project suited hardware can be selected. Devices programmed with Stratosphere can be readily integrated and managed with any standard LNS-based network management tool.