Guaranteed Freshness always in Hand

GesySense LogIt

It could not be easier: a Windows PC with the GesySense® LogIt software, a wireless adapter and a couple of wireless sensors and the temperatures of counter, cooling chamber, freezer or other cooling devices are permanently visible and always available for the documentation according to EC 37/2005. 

Malfunctions are detected immediately and the time-consuming manual documentation is automated. All regulatory specifications related to the consistent proof of the temperature course are fulfilled safely. In combination with further sensors designated to monitor contacts and consumption data meters, GesySense LogIt provides an overall solution for control and sustainable efficiency enhancement of the entire cooling system. 

The PC with GesySense LogIt installed is the linchpin, where the individual wireless sensors are commissioned, data captured, archived and formatted in spreadsheets or graphics. Information related to connection status, transmission quality and battery life-span of the individual sensors is also available for release at any time. GesySense LogIt alerts the user in case of limit value violation. 

GesySense LogIt captures sensor data either directly or reads the data saved in specific wireless sensors, the GesySense loggers, which can store measured data completely self-sustaining up to one year.

GesySense LogIt is especially suitable for the use in smaller systems. Due to the wireless technology, the system is extremely flexible and easy to adapt to the daily changing requirements. Thus the user can be sure to reliably provide the customers with perfect freshness of the products.