HD-PLC also without LON

Powerline Communication (HD-PLC) is a new communication technology in which digital information is transmitted via power lines, which mostly supply electrical energy – Therefore also Any Wire Communication.

HD-PLC offers several advantages, such as


  1. No cabling required (any power plug can be used as an information plug)
  2. Simple connection (only plug-in and connection to the network)
  3. Achieving AV transmission (with high communication throughput)

At the IFSF conference we present a test setup with an impressive video transmission. In a first test, which we carried out at Gesytec GmbH, a small camera films the events in real time in HD and transmits the image via the 1300 m long telephone cable to a laptop with a data rate of 90 Mb / sec. Ethernet can be transmitted everywhere, because Powerline makes every cable a suitable information transmitter. In this case, the conversion takes place via a suitable HD-PLC Ethernet switch. We also offer AES128 encryption and optional RS 485.

HD-PLC and LON is not a question of either/or but of both. Contact us in Hamburg at the IFSF if you want to learn more.

The entire test setup


1300 m telephone cable


The Ethernet Switch


The Camera


Real-time image transmission