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Gipsy RAS – “The Swiss Army Data Knife”

Aachen, 18th March 2008 – The embedded PC Gipsy RAS from Gesytec distinguishes itself with its simple installation and the diversity of data handling possibilities. It is optimized for the collection, storage and display of installation data. With optimized hardware and diverse connection possibilities it is ideal for performance hungry visualization tasks in industry and buildings.

The Gipsy RAS is a true embedded PC with a NET ARM 9 CPU optimized for network communication, 32 MB RAM and 32 MB flash memory – 64 MB flash memory is an optional extra. In networks it can be connected by Ethernet, modem and by 2 separate LonWorks TP/FT connections. Hardware extensions are possible by means of the integrated USB interface. The industry standard Windows CE is used as the operating system, which runs an SQL database server, the optional OPC Server and optionally the DotVision visualization tool.

Offering two LON TP/FT connections, the Gipsy RAS is ideal for integration in LonWorks building networks and also accepts data from other networks. These are visualized using DotVision and can also be used by other programs, e.g. customer implemented applications. Expensive, additional visualization solutions are thereby redundant.

The integrated Ethernet interface connects the Gipsy RAS to an existing LAN, enabling remote access over the Internet.

Setting-up the device is straightforward. Most of the work is done by the configuration software which runs on a Windows PC. The appliances on the network are selected from a list and the appropriate network addresses are allocated – that’s all. The rest is preset in the software. The user can totally trust in the 30 years of experience Gesytec possesses in the intelligent parameterization of network appliances. The software also comes with the necessary capacity should special queries be required or unknown appliances be integrated. The definition of alarms and messages for monitoring the correct operation of an installation is also possible.

The integrated OPC server and the SQL database are configured with this set-up parameterization. They can take the data from the network and store them in the memory (history). This means that it is always possible to trace what happened and when.

The visualization software DotVision and a Gipsy RAS integrated web server display the collected information. A Gipsy RAS generated website can be called-up for this purpose from any desired PC in the network and all data accessed. The DotVision development tool, which is available separately, can be used to define the data presentation.

A synchronization of the Gipsy RAS database with another SQL database is simple using GipsySyn from Gesytec. With this utility, data from multiple stations is consistently integrated into a central database. Furthermore, every individually developed layer-5 application –such as Telnet, FTP and also HTTP– can also access the database. This opens-up numerous possibilities for further data usage. As an OPC Data Access server all data on the Gipsy RAS is available to OPC clients.

For OEMs Gipsy RAS offers many customization possibilities. Individual applications running on the device can be developed quickly and with the use of Windows CE a large store of existing applications can be accessed.

The Gipsy RAS is the Swiss Army Knife of data communication in industry and building automation. Constructed for data handling and visualization it offers a simple, quick and therefore cost cutting access to all current and historical data in connected installations. 

About Gesytec

Gesytec GmbH was founded in 1978 in Aachen, Germany. For more than 30 years the company has developed and manufactured hardware and software for automation.
Gesytec offers products and services for automation with LonWorks and embedded PC’s. Gesytec has a complete product line for communication (including remote), intelligent and peripheral connections, and network infrastructure utilizing the LonWorks protocol. Embedded PC boards and connection solutions provide remote access using the Internet and go up to the field bus level.