ISH Technology Seminar by Lonmark Germany

March 13th, 1:00pm in REFLEXION 2 Hall 10.3


Our colleague Phani Gangula explains the features of HD-PLC in building automation


Smart Buildings is a recurring topic in the Internet of Things (IoT); traditional Building Automation vendors and system integrators are looking for ways to embrace this movement to maximize value for their customers by utilizing IOT based devices and applications.  But how do the two worlds co-exist? Join your industry colleagues to learn about several cutting-edge technology developments that is facilitating secure multi-media, multi-application, cloud enabled analytics and predictive services that is at the intersection of Building Automation and Smart Buildings.

1:00-1:30P: Protocol Interoperability: LON and BACnet over Single Media

Speaker: Mark Buckland, Adesto Technologies

IOT required interoperability not just at the device level but also at the system and protocol level to be truly beneficial.  Adesto Technologies has announced improved version of the FT Smart Transceiver technology which enables BACnet and LON on the same FT (Free Topology) media.  It can be programmed for either native LON or BACnet applications combining the benefits of the industry’s most reliable and cost effective wired media with the two most popular open protocols in Building Automation.  Now OEMs and integrators can offer the best of both worlds in a single product.

1:30-2:00: New High Speed Media for Smart Buildings: High Definition PLC 

Speaker: Phani Gangula, Gesytec

Smart buildings and smart cities need high speed infrastructure to the last corner. Reusing power cabling or any other existing wire for transporting LON and simultaneously all other IP data brings the necessary performance for big data and artificial intelligence applications. Get to know how the technology works and which devices exist.

2:00-2:30P: Standardized Access to IoT Data: Web Services for Building Automation

Speakers: Rich Blomseth, Adesto Technologies

Many IOT services are delivered from public or private cloud such as improved visualization, advanced analytics, optimized asset utilization or predictive maintenance running in distributed cloud infrastructure from the likes of Amazon Web Services or IBM Watson.  For Building Automation customer to utilize such remarkable services, a standard web services layer is needed that can access data from traditional systems utilizing modern messaging technologies.  IAP or Internet of Things Access Protocol is the first of its kind such a service being standardized for the Building and Industrial Automation industries.

2:30-3:00: Building Automation Goes Wireless

Speakers: Dr. Johannes A. Weicht, Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

LON provides decentralized, interoperable, structured and optimized control network infrastructure. Until now, there was no possibility for a RF system. Wires were obligatory, portable sensors or battery controlled devices could not be integrated. Our W2LON shows a customized hardware solution to implement ISM-RF into new devices by a wireless mesh network system.