Localization for Easylon Router+ for LON/IP

Powerful and Easy to Understand


Technology is international. This often means, that you are partly excluded without sufficient English language skills. But there are remedies: After a software upgrade, the Easylon® Router+ now provides German as additional language in its user interface. And more languages are to come.

As router between LON/FT and to LON/IP networks with comprehensive additional functions the Easylon Router+ has to offer simple and convenient access for parameterization. This is provided by its web interface.

Starting his favorite browser, the user connects to the Easylon Router+ and can there select the preferred language. The router’s web pages make all settings available, e.g. the router operation modi, details of the LON/IP communication or the usage as configuration server. Even as a time server (NTP) for the local network the device can be used. Elaborate data communication statistics can be reviewed in order to enable a fast diagnosis.

Anybody looking for an up-to-date LonWorks IP router with superior performance is served at best with the Easylon Router+.

The update file for the Easylon Router+ can be downloaded here.