LON goes IoT

EPOS on Single Chip µC

„The Next Generation“ a LonMark International event is called that is dedicated to solutions for the Internet of Things. Gesytec is presenting an implementation of its EPOS protocol stack on a single chip microcontroller.

EPOS is a protocol stack realizing the communication between the application and the IPv6 word in an easy way. Without the ballast of an operating system you can thus come quickly to yur own solutions for the Internet of Things.

The solution presented at the Munich event demonstrates the seamless integration of usual LON control networks with the IoT world. Using EPOS you can easily create resource saving, cost effective and small application nodes. For this EPOS comes with the standards of a distributed intelligent communication structure which has proven itself innumerous applications worldwide.

On June 11 you can learn more about it at the Holiday Inn City Center, Munich