LonMark HD-PLC webinar


Progress in the use of HD-PLC with LON

Together with Ron Bernstein, Ernst Eder (both LonMark International) and Michael Navid (VP Marketing & Business Development at MegaChips), our CTO Matthias Lürkens presented the current status of HD-PLC development for LON. The webinar shows the progress of the worldwide standardization of HD-PLC for LON as DIN EN 14908-8 or ANSI/CTA 709.8. Michael Navid explains the technology itself and its performance. In the lecture by Matthias Lürkens you will learn how LON HD-PLC devices can be implemented and which applications are possible in Smart City applications that cannot be realized with other technologies.

Find the webinar here:https://youtu.be/3YpAdWOcPQY