M-Bus OPC Server

M-Bus Master and OPC Server – two devices in one: The Gipsy M-Bus OPC Server integrates both functions and is also available for remote access. As other devices further to M-Bus meters can also be connected it can also be used in mixed installations.

To have an efficient data collector and converter available is just one matter, easy parameterization another. Once a selected from a list of predefined device types in a PC based configuration program only the appropriate device address needs to be specified. No data type entries are required for this purpose and after completion the parameterization is loaded into the Gipsy.

During operation the Gipsy M-Bus OPC Server captures data from the connected M-Bus devices, monitors the communication with them and provides the data to OPC clients via its OPC Server. Visualization or data acquisition thus can easily access the data and a separate OPC Server is redundant. Due to data filing in a SQL database it is also possible to access the data inventory using SQL commands.

Connection to the Gipsy M-Bus OPC Server is realized via Ethernet or optionally via ISDN or analog modem, thus also enabling the remote access to the data. An optional software extension also allows for local archiving of the data and their transmission either via FTP or email to superordinate systems.

The Gipsy M-Bus OPC Server captures the M-Bus devices via interface converters at its four serial connectors. Instead of M-Bus meters other systems can also be connected to the RS232 interfaces and their data can then be accessed the same way. Thus this device represents an efficient solution for mixed installations.