Make a Quick Start with Gipsy M-Bus

schnelle Inbetriebnahme durch Gerätebibliothek

If the implementation goes off smoothly the technician and the customer are happy. Gipsy M-Bus solutions convince by an effective and speedy configuration process. This is based on a library of predefined devices from which the ones to be implemented are selected and parameterized with some mouse clicks. This library has now been widely expanded.

As M-Bus master the Gipsy M-Bus OPC Server and the M-Bus – LON Gateway enable remote access to M-Bus counter data or its usage in LonWorks control networks. They are used in remote metering or in building automation system with mixed installations. While availability and reliability are important during operation a smooth set-up is desired during commissioning. For this the Gipsy M-Bus configuration software uses a library of comprehensive device definitions. These cover all parameters including scaling and mapping to the LON world. Having selected the required ones for a project they can be individually modified, if necessary. Assigning an M-Bus address will make them part of the configuration data set being the basis of operation of the Gipsy device, which collects the M-Bus data and makes it available to the other intended applications.

This device library has now been expanded to more than 200 devices with over 600 definition templates. Furthermore, the configuration program now accepts secondary as well as primary M-Bus addresses.