Monitoring and Control by SMS

Compact, competitive and directly in the system – that’s Gipsy MM with direct I/O and remote communication. Monitor of devices and plants, activate switch procedures and inform superordinated entities – the latest member of the Gipsy family covers all these tasks, using SMS via GSM modem for communication in one device version.

Specialized in connectivity solutions, the Aachen based Gesytec GmbH expands its range of remote access and control solutions with this unit. It is designed for distributed systems, where only few data points have to be monitored concerning status and possible limit value exceeding have to be monitored, but switch and simple control functions have to be realized. One application variant of this unit uses SMS for communication with superordinated systems. By using the Gipsy MM-SMS, the operator can realize an easy connection to even distant plants. Gipsy MM includes eight digital inputs (four of which are meters up to 1kHz), two relays, two analog and two PT1000 inputs and, two analog outputs to connect the field level devices. Gipsy MM is a compact top hat rail device with low power consumption and without movable components, subject to wear and tear.

Messages from the Gipsy MM-SMS as well as commands to the device are sent by SMS. Even parameterization of the application software, comfortably realized on a PC, is downloaded via SMS. Essential functions are:

  • Stand-alone alarm based on defined alarm criteria

  • Query of values or status of data points

  • Sending of switch commands

  • Archiving and sending of values and status

  • Time-dependent switch commands for relays and analog outputs

  • Remote parameterization of data points

Status and measured values can be archived either depending on a defined time period or value variation. The archived values are sent by a consolidated SMS. The Gipsy MM-SMS includes Ethernet and serial interface as communication interfaces, thus enabling the access via LAN.

About Gesytec
Gesytec provides products and services for automation purposes with LonWorks and Embedded PC. A complete range of products is available by Gesytec for automation with LonWorks covering (remote) communication, intelligent periphery connection and network infrastructure. Embedded PC connectivity solutions ensure remote access from the Internet to field bus level.