New LON and BACnet Controller

Gesytec introduces Smart Controls Controller with LON and BACnet. While the words LON and BACnet in one sentence have been a hot topic until now, the integration of both protocols in one device represents a significant technical advantage. LON is still the measure of all things for time-critical local control tasks. BACnet, on the other hand, is the de facto standard for vertical communication in buildings. Both protocols complement each other and open up new possibilities for Smart Buildings.

BACnet/FT is the transmission of data in BACnet/IP format via the robust and established TP/FT-10 technology from LON. The advantages of BACNet can now be used in a free topology without the problems of MS/TP, which provides higher robustness and lower latency at the field level. Here too, BACnet and LON complement each other ideally.


Graphical programming with Visual Control means maximum freedom in control application. In addition, control components that are no longer available can be replaced. Smart Controls controllers offer a large number of flexible inputs and outputs. The software can be replicated using individual programming with the aid of Visual Control. You are supported by Gesytec and Smart Controls.


Smart Controls LLC provides worldwide control components for interoperable and distributed applications. Outstanding features of these products are the free graphical programmability with VisualControl and the simultaneous communication via LON, BACnet/FT and BACnet MS/TP.


Gesytec has also been manufacturing LON components since 1992 and is a world-renowned supplier of LON infrastructure components for all automation applications. With the distribution of the components of Smart Controls Gesytec makes its know-how paired with flexibly applicable hardware available to the European market.


If two pioneers of the LON technology can come out only something good. Use the possibilities with the power of two protocols, flexible hardware and free programming.