New Variant of LON/IP Router+

Easylon Router+ 2-Port

The Easylon® Router+ has a little brother: the Router+ 2P. Offering only one LON-IP channel, this variant suits all applications just having to connect one LonWorks® FT/TP segment to LON/IP.

While the original Router+ offers one CEA-852 compliant Ethernet and two LonWorks TP/FT ports –making it a 3-port router– the new variant has just got one TP/FT port. In every other aspect functionality is the same: transparent data transmission between CEA-709.3 and CEA-852 IP networks according to CEA -709.1 and network interface for TCP/IP access.

In the latter function it turns into a remote network interface while providing the benefits of all Easylon Interfaces+, where up to 8 applications can simultaneously use the interface.

The parameterization of the device is realized via a browse interface that also provides various diagnosis functions.

The Easylon Router+ 2P is a high performance and cost effective solution for LON over IP.