One System for all Consumption Data

The central availability of exact and up-to-date data from different and distributed technical installations and properties is the basis of comprehensive, accurate and detailed consumption billing. The combination of the Gispy M-Bus LON Gateway and the GipsySync software from Gesytec effortlessly brings together data from mixed M-Bus and LON networks and reliably transfers them to the data bank of the accounting center.

Gesytec’s Gipsy M-Bus LON Gateway gathers the meter data for electricity, water and gas from the M-Bus and LonWOrks networks. The collection of data on heat consumption, temperature trends or the circulation volume of the air-conditioning is also possible, provided that the appropriate LON meters are used. Everything is stored in an integrated SQL database. Decentralized data collection occurs in this way for multiple installations with one or even more Gipsy stations.

This data is admittedly only infrequently required there. GipsySync is the perfect software in order to make this data centrally available for detailed consumption billing and other purposes. The Microsoft Windows based GipsySync is simply installed on the central data server or a PC which is networked to it. The internal SQL database of the dispersed Gispy stations are transferred to the central data bank read by means of a GipsySync handled data link. GipsySync ensures that no mistakes, such as doubling data or a data break, occur. The connection can be made over Ethernet, ISDN, DSL or an analog modem. TCP/IP is used as communication protocols.

On the basis of this comprehensive data a detailed statement can be prepared according to period of time and originator. Not only water consumption, electricity and heating allow such detailed invoicing. The proportionate use of air-conditioning can also be calculated, presupposing an appropriate logging of required air volume flow. In specific use, for example, in a fitness studio where a larger exchange of air is necessary, the consumption can be calculated on the basis of the flow volume data and can then be invoiced. 

The combination of the Gipsy M-Bus LON gateway and GipsySync is ideally suited for consumption billing in dispersed and mixed M-Bus and LonWorks installations. The user has, with these two, a system for all data, instead each requiring any individual system.