Product Range of Wireless Sensors Expanded

Analog, digital, temperature and mixed signal wireless sensors are now available for the GesySense® wireless sensor system.

Gesytec GmbH, Aachen has expanded the range of products of its wireless sensor system GesySense. In addition to the existing temperature and digital sensors, now measurements from PT1000 probes and from analog humidity or pressure sensors can be capture by the system. Additionally there are modules offering a mixed input, such as ambient temperature, PT1000 spot measurement and status monitoring in one device.

Almost all of the GesySense modules are as well available as Loggers. These modules provide internal storage capacity and can be used outside the range of a receiver, e.g. behind shielding walls or during transport.

GesySense wireless sensor and logger modules are usually battery operated with long lasting operation times and suited for low temperature environments. The low power radio system operates in the ISM band of 433 MHz in Europe and 915 MHz in America. At that frequency it offers an excellent transmission range even inside buildings.

The new GesySense product catalog available at provides a complete overview on all system components including management and evaluation software.

Download catalog