Router for LON and IP Networks from Gesytec

Easylon VNI Router – Intelligent Power

Aachen, 31st March 2008 – The Easylon VNI router offers the highest performance for connections between networks conforming to EIA-709.1 as well as to IP networks following the standard EIA-852 (LON over IP). It ensures the theoretically possible maximum data throughput of TP/FT networks and thus one hundred percent data security is guaranteed.

The Easylon VNI Router is equipped with two connections for LON-TP/FT networks. Devices with TP/XF connections are optionally available. To IP networks the router is connected via a 100 MBit Ethernet interface. The Easylon VNI Router has an FPGA chip developed by Gesytec, which contains a high-performance implementation of the EIA-709.1 compliant protocol. This overcomes performance limits of hitherto existing implementations. In this way even at total bandwidth usage of the TP/FT network, data still is reliably transferred.

Easylon VNI router is especially suited to flat network hierarchies. Various TP/FT networks can be connected to a fast IP backbone via the Ethernet interface. In this way connections between floors in high rise buildings can use existing high-capacity Ethernet cables. The building automation networks of the individual floors can then be connected to them by the Easylon VNI Router. Two of these network parts can be connected to the IP backbone by the routers two TP/FT connections. This dispenses with an elaborate, error-prone and also costly cable routing of the single TP/FT network to the central terminal point. The communication over the Ethernet cables then takes place conforming to EIA-852.

The Easylon VNI Router offers access to the TP/FT network over its virtual network interface (VNI). Thus a high-performance hardware interface is available over which up to eight applications can access the network simultaneously. The Easylon VNI Router therefore also functions as an interface for network analysis and management software. The combination of the VNI with the Gesytec FPGA ensures transparent and comprehensive access to all network data.

A VNI interface for extended diagnosis according to LonMark standards is already integrated in the Easylon VNI Router. A web server, installed as standard, provides additional access to the diagnostic data. The device has diverse status indicators which give a quick overview of the router’s operating status.

A web interface is available for simple parameterization of the router. The device is thus introduced to the network and receives all important specific data for problem-free operation. Value was also given to simple operation of software updates: simply load a new flash-image into the router by FTP, restart it and it’s done! Everything else is automatically carried out by the router, which means new functionalities are quickly available.

The Easylon VNI Router is a technically mature system which reflects Gesytec’s 30 years of experience. Giving high performance, as well as being constructed and tested for installation in large networks, the router is perfectly equipped to meet future applications.

About Gesytec

Gesytec GmbH was founded in 1978 in Aachen, Germany. For more than 30 years the company has developed and manufactured hardware and software for automation.
Gesytec offers products and services for automation with LonWorks and embedded PCs. Gesytec has a complete product line for communication (including remote), intelligent and peripheral connections, and network infrastructure utilizing the LonWorks protocol. Embedded PC boards and connection solutions provide remote access from the Internet down to field bus level.
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