Router in IP and TP/FT Networks

With Ethernet and two TP/FT transceivers the Easylon VNI Router connects EIA-709.3 compatible network seg­ments as well as to TCP/IP based networks according to the EIA-852 standard.

This Easylon router can be used to extend and structure control networks in versatile manner: Depending on the device variant it operates between TP/FT or TP/XF segments. Additionally –as a LON-IP router– it transparently transmits control messages between EIA-709.3 and EIA-852 TCP/IP networks based on EIA-709.1. In this way fast backbones can be realized. PC based applications, such as the Easylon OPC server or a network management tool accessing the TCP/IP based network segment will need the Easylon IP/ Interface.

At the same time the device can be used as a network interface via TCP/IP, making it a remote network interface for VNI or layer 5 based applications. As an Easylon VNI device up to eight applications can simultaneously use this interface.

For parameterization the Easylon VNI Router offers a browser interface. The web server can as well be used for diagnosis purposes.