Smart Metering with Gipsy Embedded PCs

"Smart Metering", the automatic remote collection of consumption data, becomes reality with Gesytec’s connectivity solutions. No matter if it is via a local network or remote access via GSM or internet – the Gipsy embedded PCs from Gesytec allow remote control of every single meter using multiple interfaces. At the same time Gesytec also supports the common M-Bus communication protocol and effectively protects the utility suppliers’ long-term investment in this technology.

Many utility firms have been using meters with M-Bus interfaces (EN 13757) in the field for several years. Up to now these devices have mainly been used by major customers and have therefore already made remote meter reading a reality today. The demand for solutions like this, increased by the European Smart Metering initiative, offers completely new perspectives. The use in the home now also becomes of interest too.

The provision of data in a universally accepted exchange format is crucial for Smart Metering. Stand alone solutions have to be integrated. An intermediary is needed between the existing meter format and the desired output format. This is where Gesytec with its Gipsy systems for remote collection and control comes in. Up to 250 M-Bus meters can be connected to one Gipsy device because of its serial interfaces.

The integration of the meters is quick and easy. One part is connecting them to the serial interface. Another is the configuration where the right device can conveniently be chosen from a list of pre-defined M-Bus meters and selected channels are marked and assigned M-Bus addresses. The meters are then recognized by the Gipsy which saves the measured data in a SQL compatible data base.

Gipsy offers various ways of remote access to this data. An Ethernet interface is standard. A PC-card slot enables use of ISDN, analog modem or WLAN card. In this way the data can be collected by a control center via FTP, HTTP or directly via SQL data base query. An OPC server can also be integrated into the Gipsy providing OPC compatible visualization systems from the data. 

Gipsy allows everyone the possibility of quickly and easily realizing remote control of existing meters. It makes possible a smooth and cost effective entry into the rationalization of power supplies and consumption using existing resources.