Transparency throughout the Cold Chain

Aachen, July 7, 2010 – The new wireless sensor system of Aachen based Gesytec GmbH gives full transparency and traceability throughout the life cycle and the cold chain of temperature sensitive goods. From production via transportation and storage to vending – the easily mounted GesySense® wireless Thermo Sensors further customer confidence. The GesySense Thermo Logger accompanies the reefer goods closing the last gap of monitoring. All data collected comply with legal regulations and can be processed by central IT departments to further optimize the supply chain management.

The battery operated GesySense Thermo Sensors can be placed everywhere flexibly and without effort. Thus the temperature sensor is exactly where needed – close to the reefer goods. A sophisticated energy concept allows battery operation for more than five years. Measured values are immediately transmitted to the data server of the sensor network. From there they are available as temperature log and can be used to trigger alarms on critical temperature developments.

The GesySense Thermo-Logger follows a different concept. Battery operated as well, it stores measured values for up to a year and radio transmits its archive on request. This can be done regularly for documentation of the temperature history or during an inspection. It effectively enables an effortless and uninterrupted temperature monitoring independent of the whereabouts. If in the reefer trailer or just on the loading bay – the Thermo-Logger precisely logs the temperature and reveals the least infringement of allowed ranges.

By this the modules comply with the regulations of EC 37/2005 on the monitoring of temperatures in the means of warehousing and storage of quickfrozen foodstuffs intended for human consumption. Suppliers can prove compliance cooling to requirements and buyers gain certainty to receive impeccably cooled goods.

More about the comprehensive solution for cold chain monitoring you’ll find at Or visit Gesytec at Intercool, Düseldorf, September 12 –15, booth 13/C93 and Chillventa, Nuremberg, October 13 – 15, booth 5/5-201