Vista Drivers for LON Interfaces

As leading provider of interfaces for the LonWorks® control network, Aachen based  Gesytec GmbH now has limbered up its Easylon Interfaces for Vista. The entire range of Easylon interface boards gathers momentum for the new Windows operating system with the new Easylon Drivers. 

Especially the large number of different interfaces and their variants distinguish Gesytec as qualified partner for automation with LonWorks. Gesytec provides Easylon interface boards for the most different systems, from interface boards for PCI or ISA systems to PC/104 compatible boards or  interfaces with the powerful VNI technology. The large range of products also includes interfaces as socket modules for OEM devices or the connection via USB or Ethernet. Furthermore Gesytec provides drivers for common operating systems such as Linux, Windows CE or different Windows systems and DOS for each of the Easylon interface boards.

With the new Vista drivers the Easylon interfaces now also show their power with the latest operating system. The current drivers for Vista 32-bit and Vista 64-bit are available for download at Like all other Easylon drivers, the new Vista drivers include proven additional features such as the remote access to the LONWORKS network, free selection of the driver name or parallel transactions for all instances of MIP applications.