Easylon Solution for Railway Systems

IEEE 1473-L is certainly the world’s most widely used rail car network. Railcar manufacturers in Canada, USA, Italy, Japan or Germany are using the underlying LON technology in their rail vehicles. As a leading manufacturer of LON® connectivity solutions Gesytec provides the means to make most efficient use of this technology.  

Whether communication devices for train networks or LON enabler for subsystems and devices – manufacturers and suppliers find appropriate components in the Easylon range of LON products by Gesytec. From widely used PC/104 format interfaces suited for EN 50 155 and IEEE 1473 compliant systems and available with Windows and Linux drivers to tiny socket interfaces integrable into OEM devices a wide product spectrum is available and can, at need, be adapted to the specific requirements of the system or application.  Further Easylon components suited for extended temperature range are available, either in the standard product lines or as specific variant.

Components and solutions are available for system realization, testing, operation and maintenance. Passenger information, power systems, event monitoring, door control and many more applications can make use of the Easylon components.

Easylon Interface components recommends for IEEE 1473-application

Easylon Interfaces+ make a difference

Increased performance, real multi-client usage, analyzing capabilities – these are the mayor advantages coming with the Easylon Interfaces+. more …

More Easylon Software solutions

With the experienced development company of Gesytec’s you will find the know-how and support to make most efficient use of LON.

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Specialized in “Connectivity” Gesytec provides a range of remote monitoring solutions, some of which being GSM based and thus suited for mobile applications.

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