Easylon IP Interface+

  • ISO/IEC 14908-4 compatible LON/IP network Interface
  • VNI and MIP interface
  • Compatible with existing interfaces
  • Parallel transactions in MIP mode
  • Standard applications now with LON/IP
  • Up to eight clients


The Easylon IP Interface+ operates according to the EIA / ISO/IEC 14908-4 standard. As software running on Windows PCs it provides a standard network interface to ISO/IEC 14908-1 compatible networks.

Drivers for this interface provide the same functionality as other Easylon interfaces, thus enabling all applications operating with standard interfaces for LON over IP.

The Easylon IP Interface+ operates as a VNI interface. The drivers can also provide MIP interfaces. In an extended MIP mode 16 parallel transactions are possible for sending. Thereby performance is considerably increased. Up to eight client applications can use the interface simultaneously. Even old 16 bit applications can use this interface. Furthermore it can be used with the Easylon Analyzer software.

With the Easylon IP Interface+ applications become LON/IP enabled. This “LON over IP“ solution allows task processing on different computers integrated into local and global IP structures. Backbones of larger facilities can thus be realized via Ethernet.

Connecting to TP/FT LON networks requires a suitable LON/IP router, such as the Easylon Router+. The interface is, of course, compatible with all LON/IP routers.


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