Easylon PC/104 Interface

  • TP/FT-10, TP/XF-78, TP/XF-1250 or EIA-485 transceiver
  • For LON networks with or without LNS
  • Drivers for DOS, Windows and Linux
  • Versions with extended temperature range for EN 50 155 and IEEE 1473-L systems
  • User programmable


The Easylon PC/104 Interface connects PC/104 systems to LON and other ISO/IEC 14908 compatible control networks.

A variant with optically isolated EIA-485 transceiver is available further to the usual TP/FT-10 and TP/XF transceiver versions. The board can also be fitted with direct connect or FTX smart transceiver.

Interesting for use in embedded systems are OEM versions of this board, which can be adapted to the target system in moderate extent, e. g. adaptations concerning plug position and type can be realized.

This board, proven in industrial environment, is also available in versions with extended temperature range and customer specific coating. These versions are compliant to EN 50155, a standard used in railway technology.


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