Easylon PCI Interface+

  • ISO/IEC 14 908 Control Network Interface for PCI-Bus PC
  • Real multi-client usage for up to eight applications
  • Full compatible VNI
  • Parallel transactions in MIP mode
  • Increased performance
  • D-type and screw-plug connector


The Easylon PCI Interface+ is a plug-in card according to ISO/IEC 14 908 to connect a PCI-bus PC to LON control networks.

As an Easylon Interface+ product it features several advantages. Simultaneous network access by up to eight PC applications is a major benefit. Both LNS and MIP based programs can be used. The Easylon PCI Interface+ is compatible with other VNIs of other manufacturers and replaces traditional control network interfaces without modification of the applications.

Easylon interfaces+ are the preferred network adapters for the Easylon Analyzer in order to run a thorough network analysis.

The interface board is fitted with alternatively usable D-type and plug-screw connectors to connect to the network. Customized versions can be fitted with RJ45 jacks instead of the D-type connector or the smaller Phoenix instead of Weidmüller connectors.

In addition to the usual TP/FT-10 and TP/XF transceivers, a variant with EIA-485 transceiver is available.

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