Easylon PCIe Interface+

  • ISO/IEC 14908 control network interface for PCI-Express
  • Real multi-client usage for up to eight applications
  • Full compatible VNI
  • Parallel transactions in MIP mode
  • TP/FT-10 and EIA-485 Transceiver variants
  • Increased performance
  • Supports usage in virtual machines
  • RJ45 and screw-plug connector


The Easylon PCIe Interface+ is a plug-in card to connect a PCI Express PC to ISO/IEC 14908 compatible control networks.

As an Easylon Interface+ it features several advantages. Simultaneous network access by up to eight PC applications is a major benefit. Both LNS and MIP based programs can be used. The Easylon PCIe Interface+ is compatible with VNIs of other manufacturers and replaces traditional control network interfaces without modification of the applications. Furthermore this Easylon Interface is best suited for usage in virtual machines, e. g. VMware.

Easylon interfaces+ are the preferred network adapters for the Easylon Analyzer in order to run a thorough network analysis.

The interface board is fitted with alternatively usable RJ45 and plug-screw connectors to connect to the network.

In addition to the usual TP/FT-10 transceiver, a variant with EIA-485 transceiver is available.

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