Easylon Serial Socket Interface

  • integratable LON Interface
  • reduced development effort
  • LonTalk adapter or serial gateway
  • Conexant compatible pin-out
  • economic OEM solution
  • extended temperature range


The Easylon Serial Socket Interface realizes a LON-serial connection as a socket module, to be integrated into OEM devices. The serial connection to the CPU board is designed according to the Conexant socket modem standard. Thus every board providing this connector becomes potentially LON enabled. Power supply uses this con-nector as well.

A TP/FT-10 transceiver connects to the LON network. Service button and service LED can be implemented on the main board, though the service LED is on board as well. LON traffic signals are also available.

Firmware can be downloaded via the serial connection. MIP is used as firmware for the FT 5000 Neuron Chip. Thus, the module cannot be used as interface for LNS applications, such as e. g. LonMaker for Windows.

The Easylon Serial Socket Interface can be used as a serial LonTalk adapter. For Windows or Windows CE operating systems the WLDV32.DLL is used to access the interface. A driver is available for Linux systems.

In a second application variant the interface module operates as a serial gateway. A host application running on the module allows implementation of network variables – even more than the usual 62. Thus more data points than in simply Neuron based solutions can be used. The module’s processor with large integrated memory enables implementation even of complex protocols.

As the serial interface offers the RTS and CTS signals, serial protocols with handshake can be implemented.

As an OEM module a certain flexibility with respect to customer specific requirements has to be observed, e. g. with respect to connector, form factor, protective coating, or different transmission rates. Even for the realization of more thorough requirements we will be pleased to send you a specific offer.

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