OEM Developement

Our Know-How at Your Disposal

The Easylon OEM Service offers individual series production of LON components based on the successful Easylon range of products.

Our know-how as supplier of LON products makes us first choice for customized LON development. With this background of product, development and production know-how projects may be realized that up to now failed due to products not available or missing know-how.

Gesytec represents a first class partner if you need individual OEM solutions or special customized system solutions that are not covered by standard products. The experience has shown, that the use of off-the-shelf products in LON networks is often limited.

For OEM’s and customized projects the hard- and software of Easylon products are adapted to or newly developed for the respective field of application. Labelimg our products with your brand is an additional offer.

The advantages of this concept are perfectly obvious: You will get sophisticated and attractively priced products perfectly meeting your requirements within the shortest delays.


The Easylon OEM service can already look back to numerous successful reference projects:

  • Development of different modules and software for elevator controls.
  • STATEC stage technology: Development and delivery of I/O assemblies for stage machinery for music theatres. (read more)
  • Hand-held terminals and I/O modules specially designed for the use in the Eurotunnel.
  • LON-Profibus/-Modbus/Ethernet-Gateways for power plant management systems
  • Gateway between IFSF-LON and RS232 for coupling car wash systems to site management systems. (more about IFSF-LON solutions)
  • Control nodes and software for materials handling and commissioning systems.
  • Automatic material transport system of the University Hospital Aachen: Design and delivery of controllers, software and hand-held terminals
  • Siemens building technologies: Customized development of a network management tool.
  • Vanderlande Industries, The Netherlands: Customized development of a network management tool.
  • Monitoring system for medical gases for Draeger Medical Systems.
  • Customized LON controller for Russian building automation supplier.
  • Customized LON interfaces for petrol pump control for an US manufacturer. 
  • Customized LON controller for Spanisch home automation supplier.
  • Customized LON interfaces for brake monitoring in trains for an US manufacturer.
  • Refurbishment of LON-based semiconductor test equipment.

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Abdellaziz Boussema
phone: +49 2408 944-341